New Year, New You?

So Christmas is over and we are now officially in 2017. The media reports memories from 2016; what was good, what was bad and what was ridiculous, all for us to remember. However, every year will have different significance to each person and although looking back can be useful for reminiscence, it can sometimes be more helpful to look forward. Well, that's what resolutions are all about, right? We talk about it with our friends making promises to ourselves that for many, are impossible to keep. So how do we make plans that are realistic? How do we set goals for our lives that we really want to stick too?

For me it's about thinking positively, not letting the post-Christmas blues kick-in as we deconstruct the Christmas tree and box up the sparkles for another year. In my house, New Year's Day is an opportunity to de-clutter both house and mind. It is an opportunity to set vision's for the year to come. What do I want to achieve? Where do I want to go? How can my plans come true?

Writing down your hopes and dreams as a wish list can be really helpful in manifesting those dreams. Have you ever noticed how words have the power to uplift us or demoralise? Imagine the power our thoughts have. Why not practice writing down positive thoughts about your plans for 2017, ignore negative thoughts and focus only on the positive as if you can achieve anything!

Imagine, if anything were possible what would you really want for 2017? How can you make that happen? Who can help you make that happen? What can you change right now to succeed?

Visualise your dreams coming true. How do you feel? Great huh? remember that good feeling because you know what, it's really worth thinking about how we think.

Positive thoughts attract more positivity. Grateful thoughts attract more to be thankful for. Negativity only breeds negativity. Changing the way we think can make everything change and bring joy.

So how about that for a resolution?

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