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“Receiving counselling has thoroughly helped me to continue helping myself to get better as a person, and move past the things that prevent me from living my life the way I want to. Being able to talk to someone, who I don’t already know, meant that I didn’t have to worry about judgement or confidentiality. Having counselling, a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders, and I was finally not the only one who knew about the things that troubled me, which allowed me to feel a lot more secure, a much less isolated. It meant I had someone I could trust and rely on, and I knew they would always be there to tell, no matter how big or small what I wanted to talk about was. Overall, I now have more faith in my future, and I am willing to receive further help which I previously didn’t have the confidence to do. ” 

"After I lost my Dad I felt hopeless but coming to talk to you gave me somewhere to talk about my grief without having to be brave. I really needed to talk about my relationship with my Dad without being judged and your help has been invaluable."


"I have found Rachel to be professional, reliable and approachable at all times...Rachel has supported many of these pupils through very difficult situations such as: depression, grief, anxiety, confidence issues, personal identity concerns and anger management to name a few. My students have always appreciated her support, often making significant progress towards improvement and recovery from the onset of her dealings with them.” 


“Counselling helped me realise that I should speak about my feelings and not hold them in.” 


“Counselling helped me to express my feelings which made me feel better.” 


"Counselling gave me a place I could rant for half an hour without needing to worry about the consequences. The whole lot of the meeting is very calming and welcoming.” 

"I saw Rachel for a number of counselling sessions at a very difficult time in my life. I found her to be be kind and knowledgeable and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her services". 

"Thank you Rachel for helping me overcome my anxiety. Without your help I wouldn't have been able to manage and I feel that the ideas you have given me will help me manage when times are tough. Thanks again".

“Rachel is very personable and someone I can discuss concerns with on a ‘human’ level. The pressures put upon Rachel have not impacted her and she has continued to work towards a shared goal with all of the pastoral team. The well being of the students is at the centre of everything Rachel does and this is reflected in the relationships she builds with students. My students have been very grateful of the support given to them by Rachel. I have personally seen students go from strength to strength as they have been given the tools to deal with their problems as well as given ways to understand the frustrations they feel. Parents have been keen for Rachel to continue to work with their child, emailing me regularly discussing improvements they have seen at home and how they have now seen an improvement in behaviour and that their child has been a lot more ‘settled’. Other staff have also complimented Rachel for her organisation and the support she has given students considering the pressure on her in terms of time and the amount of students she needs to see. The fact that Rachel will take time out of her busy schedule to stop and talk 1:1 with people, despite her other jobs, is reflective of her passion and professionalism.” 

“I am sending this short email to say "thank-you" for spending time with my daughter. I know that you didn't see her for very long, but in the short time that she has spent with you we have both noticed an improvement in how she feels in certain situations. My daughter is never going to be the most confident person, but I now believe that she can handle different circumstances better than she could previously. It's been lovely to see her start to come out of herself a little bit more. Thank you.” 


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